Why “The Adventurers” Website?

Someone might ask, “Why would you do a website dedicated to The Adventurers when the comic is no longer around?”

It’s pretty simple really. I have always enjoyed the comic. I’ve re-read it several times. The comic has no real fan presence on the web. So why, I asked myself, let a comic that I was very passionate about, simply fade away into obscurity? Sure, the changes of someone stumbling onto this page is extremely rare, but for that person on the Internet, that did the exact right search term that landed them on this page; whether they’re a fan of the comic book series already, or someone who is just generally interested in RPG type games or book, they just might find The Adventurers as a book that they might enjoy. And if reading through the synopsis, they find that this is something they might enjoy, I have linked the comic book Affiliate program on the side, and the entire series can be purchased very inexpensively (and it also helps me out!)

I also made the site, because I enjoy just looking back at these characters I read about. The adventures they had gone on; some of them lived through the entire series, others perished. And that… never knowing who might live or die in this comic added to the suspense. So I have tried to collect everything I can about the entire series (and the books tied to or related to The Adventurers, including writing up character bios based on information found in the series, and all of that).

Some might call me a mad man. I would simply call myself passionate.

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